«The Chinese state's threats against Sweden are something new – and this situation is unique in Europe, says an expert at Utrikespolitiska Institutet /Loukas»

The situation is probably not unique, the threats have just not been as open before and the stories have not been shared.

The case is that #GuiMinhai is awarded this year's #TucholskyPrize by #SvenskaPEN, Swedish writers organization. Gui is a Swedish national and he is one of three being kidnapped by the Chinese authorities in 2016 because they had a bookstore in Hong Kong and published books banned in China. You can read more in the New York Times.

The New York Times: The Case of Hong Kong’s Missing Booksellers


Chinese threats against Swedish government «unique» in Europe says expert – Radio Sweden

The Chinese ambassador's threats of consequences against Sweden are something new in relations between the two countries says Björn Jerdén, head of the …