Tsering Woeser awarded 2013 International Women of Courage Award.

Tsering Woeser Tibetan author, poet, and blogger living in Beijing, Honored with the 2013 International Women of Courage Award by the US State Department

The State Department said in a press release: “In a period marked by increasing self-immolations and protests in Tibetan areas of China, Tsering Woeser has emerged as the most prominent Mainland activist speaking out publicly about human rights conditions for China’s Tibetan citizens. Born in Lhasa, Tsering Woeser’s website, Invisible Tibet, together with her poetry and non-fiction and her embrace of social media platforms like Twitter, have given voice to millions of ethnic Tibetans who are prevented from expressing themselves to the outside world due to government efforts to curtail the flow of information. Despite the constant surveillance of security agents and routinely being placed under house arrest during periods deemed to be politically sensitive, Tsering Woeser bravely persists in documenting the situation for Tibetans, noting that “to bear witness is to give voice to,” and asserting that “the more than 100 Tibetans who have expressed their desire to resist the forces of oppression by bathing their bodies in fire are the reason why I will not give up, and why I will not compromise.”

Norwegain Tibet Committee would like to congratulate Tsering Woeser for getting this honor in recognition of her courage and dedication to the cause of Tibet.

Unfortunately she will be not able to come to USA to receive the award. She has been denied travel outside China and denied passport.

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