Norwegian Tibet committee’s Youth Section

Short background

The Youth Section began with an individual’s involvement. Hallvard Strømsnes came across Tibet Committee stand at Karl Johans gate, Oslo and got a glimse of situation in Tibet through committee members. Thereafter, Strømsnes, along with several of his young friends engaged themselve in Tibet issue and participated in demonstrations with the Committee. After this, these enthusiastic youths in Norway came in closer association to the Committee and its members. Number of youths interested in Tibet issue increased rapidly in number and it continued to increase. Therefore, it was felt a need of a concrete organisation to raise the issue. Finally they came to the conclusion that they should create their own youth organization under Norwegian Tibet Committee. It was in autumn 2012, group of Norwegian youths dedicated to do something for the just cause of Tibet, created a youth Organisation with Strømsnes as a leader.

Goals and Aims of the Tibet Committee’s Youth Section

Tibet Committee’s youth Section’s main goal is to create awareness about situation in Tibet among Norwegain people. We believe that the issue gets far too little attention today, not only from politicians, but from the media and the people in general. Conditions in Tibet are unacceptable, and this needs to be known to the people. Therefore, we have a goal to pass the information on. We plan to create a debate among people through newspaper articles and actions. This will draw the attention of the people on the case and make it relevant. Thus, it will make it easier to national newspapers to write about the oppression of the Tibetan people.

We have previously demonstrated in front of the Chinese Embassy, and now set up a publicity committee, so that we can work more concentrated on getting attention around our message. We believe that everyone has the right to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, culture and democracy, and this basic freedom is denied to the Tibetans.

What we do on Tibet committee’s youth section’s meetings?

We are working to improve conditions in Tibet and we are under the Norwegian Tibet Committee. We have over 80 members with steadily increasing number. At the meetings, we often have speakers. we had invited Oystein Alme from the radio station “Voice of Tibet”, who spoke about what they do to improve situation in Tibet. At the meetings, we also plan demonstrations and actions about how we can get awareness about Tibet. We divides the youth in several committees during the meetings. Among other things, we have creative ways to create and organize our website, and a public-relations committee that is working to raise awareness about Tibet. The meetings are often sections with brainstorming where we discuss and debate what we can do to achieve our goals. Meetings are also social and we work a lot with a good team spirit among members of the organization.

Tibet Committee’s youth section, something for you?

Youth is an open and inclusive congregation that is extremely positive to new members. We think it’s always fun with new faces, and there is no obligation to come to a meeting. Seems like something for you, or are you are just curious? Come to our next membership!