The Norwegian Tibet Committee is politically independent and countrywide organization created to work for rights of the Tibetan nation. The Committee was established in spring 1989 and has around 1300 members. There are corresponding organizations supporting Tibet in the whole world. The Norwegian Tibet Committee is one of the biggest and most active. In spring 1994 we organized a conference for all the European support groups.

Norway and Norwegians has a special place for Tibetans after theirs religious and political leader H.H. Dalai Lama got the Nobel Peace Price in 1989. Many of Tibetans who came to Norway in 60’s still live here and are active in our Committee. In spring 1996 it started radio station Voice of Tibet transmitting to Tibet and again Norway has strengthened its position in Tibetans consciousness.

Tibet was occupied by China i 1950 and Tibetans situation is constantly worsening. Fundamental human rights are broken and the rich Tibetan culture is now in danger to be annihilated.

The Norwegian Tibet Committee goals are:

  • Support Tibetans right to freedom and self-determination.
  • Inform about breaking of human rights, economical exploitation and discrimination of Tibetans.
  • Let the rich Tibetan culture to be known in Norway.